The KG family

At Karridale Group, it’s more than a workplace; it’s your extended family. Whether you walk into our head office or land at one of our locations, Karridale Group prides itself on building a home away from home. If we’re home, then it’s not work; it’s being a part of something, owning what we do, ultimately adding value to our own piece of home. Our family culture is underpinned by five key foundational characteristics

  1. Trust: We’re credible, reliable, personally invested, genuinely caring about each other.
  2. Inclusivity: Everyone is not just invited to the party but encouraged to dance.
  3. Diversity: Recognizing the richness in nurturing differences, we leverage the talent our world has to offer.
  4. Engaged: We delve into understanding what motivates hearts and minds, ensuring individual needs align with the collective.
  5. Productive: Focused on achieving safe, efficient, and effective outcomes collectively.

Leadership fundamentals program

Culture begins with our leaders, at Karridale Group we understand that cultivating the right leadership is an ongoing investment. It starts with establishing a standard in our approach to leadership. Our Leadership Fundamentals Program is more than just a framework, it’s an immersive experience featuring active on-the-job coaching. This can be facilitated through layered leadership coaching routines or by tapping into the expertise of our dedicated leadership coaches. Proudly partnered with Barclays Consulting, our trusted leadership coaching collaborators, we’ve curated a program centred around four key foundational skills categories:

  1. Provide Direction: ensuring everyone knows where we are going, what we are doing, why we are doing it, how we will choose to get there.
  1. Being Consistent: We are consistent in how we show up so that we create trust, build continuous improvement and create value.
  1. Involve People: We involve our people so that they are aligned, engaged and take ownership.
  1. Be Adaptable: We listen to our people learning to respond and adjust how we do things for improvement, respecting and nurturing individual views.