Getting the big things right

At Karridale Group, we are committed to the Physical and Mental Wellbeing of our people. Our goal is to cultivate a culture that genuinely cares about people. We strive to create a workplace that fosters psychological safety, enabling our workers to build trust and transparency with one another. Our caring culture (KG Family) serves as a solid foundation, allowing us to work together as one team towards achieving a home away from home.

To ensure our safety performance, we focus on two important aspects: the ‘Big Things’ and the ‘Little Things.’ The ‘Big Things’ encompass our Fatal Risk Management (FRM) Framework, which provides a clear understanding of how we manage or eliminate our fatal risks. Additionally, Critical Control Verification ensures that the controls in place to manage these risks are regularly assessed and verified. Moreover, we embrace a Learning Team Environment, where we see deviations as opportunities to learn and pivot to a better outcome, continuously improving and preventing future occurrences.

Getting the little things right

On the other hand, and just as important we define the ‘Little Things’ as our Operational Pride initiatives. We base our actions on best-in-class industry standards and procedures, ensuring that we uphold excellence in everything we do. Our one-team focus is achieved through open and constructive two-way communication, encouraging consultative discussions. Furthermore, we rely on competency base training and a focus on quality which flows through to our safety data to drive performance improvements. To gauge our performance, we utilize several measurement methods:

  • Tracking our Accident Incident Frequency Rate (AIFR): This helps us monitor the frequency of events and identify areas for improvement.
  • Tracking our ‘Quality Routines’ (Lead Indicators): We measure and assess our proactive safety activities to prevent incidents and ensure best practices are followed.
  • Tracking our workforce with Cultural Surveys: Regular surveys help us gauge the cultural climate and employee satisfaction, ensuring a positive work environment.
  • Tracking our Employee Turnover Rates: Monitoring employee turnover helps us understand retention rates and identify factors affecting employee wellbeing and engagement.
  • Monitoring tangible improvement actions that positively impact our employee experience.