End to End Asset Management

At Karridale Group, we take pride in delivering End to End Asset Management Solutions that align with our clients’ objectives, fostering shared success. We go beyond providing services; we collaborate, innovate, and ensure our clients’ assets are managed with precision and efficiency. Our services are anchored on three key foundations:
  1. Work Management: From Work Identification and Prioritisation to Planning, Packaging, Scheduling, and Execution, we allocate resources to the front end, ensuring a seamless execution of the right work at the right time. Our commitment extends to Work Closeout, Subsequent Work Requisition, and Work Analysis, closing the improvement loop.
  2. Reliability Management: Post-work analysis informs strategy improvements, focusing on safety, simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness. This focus on reconciliation enhances our work management delivery legacy. We actively contribute to the continuous improvement framework, identifying key opportunities for increased uptime. Our approach involves defect elimination, work reduction, and asset upgrades, all integrated back into a defined asset strategy.
  3. Materials Management: Our support extends to materials planning, kitting, and staging, essential for effective work execution. We also contribute insights into managing asset performance risk profiles associated with existing materials master data strategies. This is an ongoing consideration through the Journey of partnership with our clients.

8 Years of PBMC Experience

Performance Based Maintenance Contracting Since 2017

Karridale Group has a number of operations across Western Australia where we provide Asset Management Solutions to our clients. Our core business is Performance Based Maintenance Contracting where we offer a holistic End-to-End Asset Management Service for clients, creating a partnership characterized by shared risks, aligned goals and mutual benefits. Two flagship operations embodying this philosophy are:

  1. Sino Iron: Where we have been continuously providing construction and maintenance services since early 2011. Since 2017, our partnership with CPM has been via a Performance-Based Maintenance Contract. Showcasing our consistent commitment to delivering ‘End-to-End’ asset management services, measured at a $/T rate for the Dry Area where we operate.
  1. Karara Mining Limited (KML): Where we have been providing KML’s Karara mine operations with maintenance services since January 2019. Our ongoing partnership with a closer bond forged since 2021,  operates under a Performance-Based Maintenance Contract for the crushing, grinding, and separation areas. Once again, we provide comprehensive ‘End-to-End’ asset management services, measured at a $/T Rate.