Employee experience

At our core, we believe in the power of understanding our employees’ motivations to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships that seamlessly align individual needs with business objectives. This meaningful dialogue encompasses the realms of the heart, body, and mind. In practical terms, we bring this philosophy to life through our:

  1. Goal Setting and Development Framework:
      • Aligning business objectives throughout our organisation.
      • Implementing targeted development plans for employees in their current roles or preparing for future roles.
  2. Internal Mobility Program:
      • Facilitating smooth transitions between various functions and frontline roles.
      • Providing opportunities for cross-site movement and secondment to foster growth and development.
  3. Suggestion & Continuous Improvement Program:
      • Empowering employees to spearhead improvements in Safety, Simplicity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness in our work processes.
      • Improve our workplace conditions to enable our family centered performance culture.

Join us in fostering a workplace where personal and professional aspirations converge seamlessly, creating a harmonious synergy that propels both individuals and the business forward.

Reward and recognition

Embracing a culture of family and shared success at Karridale Group means aligning values, assumptions, and behaviours. Trust is our constant foundation, creating an environment where constant direct feedback from a place of care fosters growth towards a shared goal. Our DNA is woven with a commitment to unified continuous improvement, reflected in how we recognize and reward our exceptional employees:

  1. Individual Excellence: Celebrating outstanding contributions monthly, quarterly, and annually through individual awards.
  2. Team Innovation: Recognizing and rewarding teams that generate exceptional ideas, transforming the way we work, add value to our clients, and enhance the lives of our employees.
  3. Performance-Based Incentives: Our incentive structure acknowledges and rewards the performance of every employee, fostering a culture of achieving and connection.